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Crop Circles mystery

crop circles
crop circles

Crop circles …one of the most science oriented art movement in history. This magical circle left the minds of people in a dilemma state since 1970 and this is one such topic that garnered the attention of many because of its unexplained formation and phenomena.

Confused?? Need a clear picture??Here it goes…

The sun after its work sets on a field. When it is back again the next morning, that field has been transformed into giant art work. Within an overnight, a large section of the crop has been tamped into a pattern of circles, rings and other intricate geometric shapes. This is what has been happening for several decades in South West England.

There had been many explanations about this weird formation but, when I am here, would you really believe what they had to say? Moreover crop circle artists are not going to give up their secrets easily. So it’s time for us to explore.

What are crop circles?

The crop circles are deserved to be called as an astonishing complicated art work. As the name indicates they are actually circles formed in fields of crops. These patterns are created just by flattening and bending crops without cutting and thus forming a perfect… a perfect circle.

 Crop circles are not just circles, they also come in many different shapes like triangles, swirls etc. They are sometimes as big as two football fields. Crop circles are usually found in those fields that grows things like wheat, oats, barley and corn.

One can find these circles concentrated in the south of England, primarily in the counties of Hampshire and Wiltshire. But that doesn’t mean that these circles are confined only to England. They have even been spotted in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, India and other parts of the world.

Everything has a particular season and so these circles do have. The season for crop circles runs from April to September.

Profit making circles:

By the 1990’s, crop circles had become something of a tourist attraction. In 1990 alone, more than 500 circles emerged in Europe. Within the next few years, the number increased to thousands. Visitors came from around the world to see them. Tours are even now available and farmers are often glad to allow visitors. Unfortunately you can’t have a free entry. You have to pay few bucks for this mysterious attraction. And so the farmers are benefited from this. So, yeah, they’re happy too.

These great art works in the crop fields are being done at night and that the patterns for the crop circles would only take seconds to go down. There have been lots and lots of mysterious rounding this crop circles. Most of the crop circles are man-made while some think that these circular indentations or impressions tend to be the work of “Alien super powers”.

Who makes crop circle??Are these crop circles the work of higher intelligence from another planet? Or created by electrically charged currents of air? Or made by talented circle makers?

All this keeps the mystery alive. And without the mystery, would crop circles be so popular? However the truth remains to be elusive.

Theories behind crop circle mystery:

Work of higher intelligence:

The most famous and controversial heard theory of crop circles is that they are formed by alien space crafts, landing on these crops. Some eyewitnesses claim to have seen UFO like lights and strange noises emanating from crop circle sites. Other believes include that of the crop circles being formed by a mowing devil. This is backed by the findings of certain crop circles appearing burnt.

Swirling Winds:

The most scientific theory says that crop circles are created by small currents of swirling winds called vortices. The spinning columns force a burst of air down to the ground, which flattens the crops. Vortices are common in hilly areas such as parts of southern England.

Earth energy:

Scientists believe that the formation of circles is due to a form of earth energy called the electromagnetic radiation. They were even successful in generating tiny balls of plasma in the laboratory, formed by electromagnetic interference in the air. When these balls made contact with plates covered in aluminium powder, they created circles and ting corresponding in appearance to crop circles. In fact, scientists have measured strong magnetic fields inside crop circles, and visitors have sometimes reported feeling a tingling sensation in their body while in or near the circles.


The simplest explanation for crop circles is that they are man- made hoaxes. They are created either for fun or even to stump the scientists. Anyways thanks to the talented crop circle artists and modern technology to create such complicated designs in the middle of the night.

We really don’t know for sure who or what is the creator for these circles. Still most of them seem to be convinced that only 80% are man-made while the rest 20% are due to “Extra-terrestrial powers”.

Well! I believe that these circles have nothing to with the aliens. So whether these crop circles are real or they are just fakes, the choice to believe is yours.