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Do Aliens Exist..?

Do Aliens Exist
Do Aliens Exist

‘Aliens’- many stumble after hearing this weird word. Since I was young I have wondered about these things and their existence. They have been taken up their role in much popular science fiction and even in movies. Well, keeping films and science fiction aside and coming to reality. What would your reaction be if I say that higher intelligence creatures exist? Fear? Excitement?

“Do Aliens exists or not?” That is the question of today’s world and everyone has been pondering for answers over for quite few years now. Some might say yes while few may laugh at this question taking it in a silly way.

There are some scientific proofs that Aliens exists and we will be exploring that within this article.


Aliens are the non-resident of our planet earth and they belong to some other planets. They are usually called as the Extra Terrestrial. UFO’s (Unidentified Flying Objects) are the strange looking vehicles of Aliens. UFO sightings find a common place in today’s world and every year the UFO sightings are reported across the world.

Proofs of Extra-terrestrial life:

Here are some proofs that these intelligent species exists.

a) Water which is very essential for life in now conformed to exist on other planets other than earth. Liquid water is more common in our solar system and most of the planets are much likely to support the liquid water. Scientists have shared the existence of water on Titan (Saturn’s moon) and on Ganymede and Callisto (Jovian’s moon), traces of sulphur on Europa (Jupiter’s moon), and microbes on Mars.

b) The second proof is that there do exist lots of stars in the sky and most of these stars are like our sun with its own planets and moons. And the presence of these many stars does tell us that there exist trillions of planets in our Milky Way galaxy. It is a notable fact that some of these planets would have undergone some changes like our planet Earth and would have developed life

c) Drake Equation:

Invented by a US radio Astronomer Dr.Frank Drake, it is a logical and mathematical way of estimating the number of planets which could harbor intelligent life. The mere fact that our Milky Way galaxy has no fewer than 100 million suns makes us difficult to imagine .Feeling small in this universe? Me too!

 d) Unexplained Signal:

The most convincing signal which hinted the existence of aliens is the one which the Ohio State university experienced on August 15,1977.The signal has never been explained in depth but it is said that those signals requires very powerful transmitters, thus the signal remains to be a mysterious one.

Right after 25 years i.e. in 2003 another research was carried out in the sky and the researchers found another mysterious radio signals with stronger intensity than the previous one.

A look at these proofs would draw few to a conclusion that Aliens do exist and are real. Scientists and astronomers are still researching and giving lots of scientific evidence every day. However no one was able to give complete evidence about the existence of Aliens and I hope that day is not so far.

One or the other day these creatures are going to surprise us by their visit. So keep your eyes on the sky and wait for their arrival!