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Magnetic Levitation

Can Man fly by using Magnetic Levitation..??

Magnetic Levitation
Magnetic Levitation

It is very common that things like iron nails possess magnetic properties but frog levitating in a magnetic field in indeed uncommon. Is that a miracle? Well! I can call it as a magnetic miracle.

The use of the attraction & repulsion force of the magnets, in order to levitate things is the magnetic levitation. Magnetic levitation finds its applications in our day-to-day life, for example, the maglev trains. Maglev trains are the ones that are capable of attaining high speed & unlike the other trains that have wheels; they don’t possess friction while travelling.

By using super conducting magnets NASA scientists have levitated frogs, insects & mice.

 Magnetic Levitation

The magnetic levitation principle is the diamagnetic properties of hydrogen. Why is it so?

All the living bodies are comprised of water, where two parts of hydrogen is present in each molecule of water and moreover hydrogen is more abundant. The cells are weakly dia-magnetic. So in the presence of a strong magnet the electrons of water molecule rearrange to oppose the magnet. Magnetic levitation is used to levitate the non-magnetic materials. But the magnetic field which is used to levitate the non-magnetic things should overcome the gravitational field. By using large sized electro magnets, chilled permanent & superconducting magnets one can overcome the gravitational field.

 Why does the frog fly?

When playing with the magnets, we would have noticed that the magnets push each other when you try bringing their poles together. The magnets used in the process of magnetic levitation create a strong & large magnetic field, say about 100-1000 times greater than the common magnets. The atoms inside the frog acts as a small magnet , which gets repelled by the large magnets. The force, that is directed upwards, appears to be strong enough to compensate the force that is directed downwards (gravity) that also acts on every single atom of the frog. So, the atoms of the frog don’t feel any force at all and the frog floats as if it were in a spacecraft.

To levitate human beings like us more powerful magnets is required.

Magnetic levitation has got lots and lots of promises for future. So when they are able to levitate frogs using extremely powerful magnets??Why not human beings????

I am waiting eagerly for that big day when we love to be floating in a magnetic field.