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GSLV-MK-III and ISRO’s Human Space Flight Programme

GSLV-MK-III and Human Space Flight
GSLV-MK-III and Human Space Flight

Indian Space research organization has dozens of missions lined up. ISRO has started to make history by setting its eyes on stars, sun and now on Human Space Flight programme (HSF). Many Indians have created history by being in space but the bitter truth is that they are not launched by our nation India but now India is all set to launch astronauts in space of its own.

Indian space research organization calls its mission as HSF (Human Space Flight) programme to send Indian astronauts into space.


The success of GSLV (Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle) MK-II on January 5 which used cryogenic engine showed the ISRO’s competence with cryogenic technology and ISRO has planned to use the same type of engine for HSF programme also.

The HSF programme indulges a gigantic GSLV-MK-III which is made with indigenous cryogenic engine. This indigenous cryogenic engine is a scaled up model of GSLV-MK-II. The GSLV-MK-III is capable of putting communication satellite weighing 4 tonnes into geosynchronous transfer orbit or 10 tonne satellite into lower earth orbit


Before the Indian astronauts fly to space, there will be one experimental mission to test its gigantic GSLV-MK-III.According to that Mr. K.Radhakrishnan, Chairman, ISRO said that a forerunner mission to the HSF programme will be conducted by June or the first week of July of this year. He added that the crew capsule will weigh 3.5 tones and it will be repeated again for the crew module that would be put into orbit in a real mission. It has been founded out that the module is undergoing some structural engineering test at Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre.

Mr. M.C.Dathan, Director, LPSC, said that it will be an experimental mission and the rockets will  be showing its performance up to sub-orbital level, that will reach an altitude of less than 100 km. In second stage, cryogenic will be placed but will not fire since it is a passive flight. In cryogenic stage it will contain only liquid nitrogen instead cryogenic propellant.

The forerunner mission’s significance is that the GSLV-MK-III will carry crew capsule without any astronauts he stressed. The capsule will return to earth with the help of parachutes.

As a first step, on 28th March 2014 the experimental mission of GSLV-MK-III, the rocket core stage, weighing more than 110 tones, was flagged off from the Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre, Mahendragiri near Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu to Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh

However the development of Human Space from is still unclear. It all depends upon the success of GSLV-MK-III. So let’s all wish GSLV-MK-III a good luck and to have a safe journey.