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Time travel

Is Time Travel Possible.? Can Man Travel To Past Or Future Through Black Hole..??

Time travel
Time Travel

One such thing we all get to do every day is travelling through time. For example, this evening we were in past but now we are in the present which was the future. There have been lots of movies that illustrated us time machine but what if that works in reality? Sounds cool. Isn’t it? So putting it all together here is my article on time travelling where Stephen Hawking’s and Einstein’s theory are thrown into mix.

We’ve all heard of black holes. That mysterious object at the center of galaxies in which neither light nor matter can escape it and have even been found to roam around in space.

Time Travel

Yikes! Hope one doesn’t roam into the Milky Way galaxy anywhere near Earth, or we will be toast.It has been predicted that the matter the black-hole attracts doesn’t collapse into a single point,but rather gushes out a “white hole” at the other end of the black hole.

I have always been enthralled by time travel and I think that it is possible only if time and space are connected together as that I how Einstein states.

So according to me it means that if anyone wants to travel to the future, they must be in the white hole region, so that they would travel from the white hole end to the black hole end through the worm hole. And if you want to travel to the past, it is just the opposite i.e. you should go from black hole to the white hole.

Seems to be a pretty tempting idea.so when do we start?

Grandfather Paradox

Travelling to the past through black holes is where Einstein’s theory of relativity works out. It’s like if you have a worm hole time travelling is possible. The funniest part of the time travel is the various paradoxes that arise, the common one being the grandfather paradox. This paradox is that if you travel back in time and kill your father before he sired your father but if that happens then it means that you could never have been born. And so how can you kill your grandfather? So you got the picture?!

But Stephen Hawking argues by telling that white and black holes are the same. But I believe that these black hole and white hole are different and that’s why we call it by two different names. While few describe black hole as a point in space with only single side. But how can that be? Can any of the objects have only one side? Definitely no!

One of time travel’s best-known facts is that going forward, way way forward which is technically possible.Traveling to the future is possible as by Stephen Hawking theory which states that if one travels at close to light speeds then you can travel to the distant future without aging an equivalent number of years.

So I say we can travel time, and we can go through a black hole and come out through the white hole. It would be so cool to hop from universe to universe. I can’t wait for us to invent time travel.It won’t happen in my lifetime but I can dream. Even though there are lot of theories which is possible about time travel none has flown to the black hole and made a study on it.But hopefully one day we will.

Time travel is a part of fare too.So taking all this into considerations time travel through black holes are to be filed in the unsolved realm until the future.