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El-Nino in India

El-Nino in India

El-Nino in India
El-Nino in India

The “El-Nino” year in India turned out to be a “Hell-Nino” year.

El-Nino that freaked the weather conditions in Tamil Nadu especially Chennai, is in a very complicated relationship with India. Besides affecting the globe weather, El Nino also has an impact on the Indian monsoons. But I promise you that post reading my blog, the relationship status might change from “complicated” to “simple”.


If you would have read my previous article on “El-Nino and its effects” then you would have known that during a non-El Nino year, the warm water are pushed towards Australia. This warm water is referred to as the Western Pacific Pool.

From western pacific pool, the air rises and travels to two different locations.

One is towards the coast of Peru (giving rainfall to South America). Other is towards the Mascarene Islands (located in the Indian Ocean). This in-turn affects the Indian monsoon.


India witnesses two kinds of monsoon; the North-east and the South-west monsoon. The South-west monsoon brings rain to most parts of India, like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata from June to September. The North-east monsoon which is much smaller than the former one gives rainfall to the states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

During an El-Nino year, the South-west monsoon has less rainfall and the North-east has more rainfall.


The first city of Modern India in Tamil Nadu was turned out to be as water logged capital of Tamil Nadu from mid Nov 2015 till December end.

What or who has to be blamed for the historic rainfall that the Chennai city has faced? The El-Nino!!

The El-Nino year gives more rainfall than the normal and this year it triggered incessant rain in Tamil Nadu.

Usually north-east monsoon offers 60% of rainfall to India but in combo with El-Nino conditions (since we are in  El-Nino year), it created unexpected downpour in Chennai causing innumerable damages & disrupting the daily life of the people in the city. The El-Nino was much strong this year that it has resulted in bringing abnormal rainfall.


El-Nino during winter gives more rainfall and in summer gives deficient rainfall.

In the recent past, during El-Nino years (2009-10) Indian witnessed severe drought but in 1994 & 1997 (El-Nino years) the monsoon was normal.

Most of the drought situations in India arises due to the El-Nino. India is a country where the agricultural sector is heavily dependent on the climatic conditions. Hence, during El-Nino years the drought condition increases in turn affecting the agricultural sector.

It is again not fair enough to blame this poor metrological event for the full damages that occurred in Chennai. Improper town planning in Chennai where the water finds no place to get off the city is also another reason for the prolonged stay of water in the city.

El-Nino has made an indelible entry in 2015 & think that it isn’t much satisfied with its episodes in the previous year and it is expected to make a comeback in the present year also. Hope that it doesn’t give trouble much this year.