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Bermuda triangle

Mystery of Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda triangle
Bermuda triangle

 The mystery of the Bermuda triangle started with the missing of Navy planes that were five in number. The Flight 19 took off from Florida for a regular training mission but neither the planes nor the crew members came back.

Thus the Bermuda Triangle took its birth. The ones who love mystery story, here is my article.

 By the easiest of all descriptions Bermuda Triangle is an area of ??sea in the southern United States with a vertex of Miami (Florida), Puerto Rico (Jamaica), and Bermuda. No one keeps statistics, but over forty years it is in this area that a high number of unexplained disappearances of planes, ships and people have taken place without a trace. This invisible triangle in Atlantic Ocean is also known as “Devil’s Triangle”.

Christopher Columbus when sailing through this area during his first voyage to the New World, he noticed that the compass needle in the vessel varied lots of times even though the weather was at its best.

One can’t find this triangle on the map but the name creates fear in the hearts of many.

Lost Planes & Vessels in Bermuda Triangle:

Flight 19:

The disappearance of five military airplanes & one rescue plane on December 5, 1945 was the main focus of the triangle. The flight was led by Lieutenant Charles Taylor, who was in contact on the radio until nothing could be heard. A rescue plane was sent in search of the other five planes but even it disappeared. Totally 6 aircraft along with twenty seven men vanished.

The mystery did not end up by this. It continued with the missing of PBM Martin,Mariner,Tudor Celebrity Tiger ,Fight DC-3,Flight 441,C-54 Skymaster,Mary Celeste, Marine Sulphur Queen, Ellen Austin,USS Cyclops,USS Scorpion and so many.

However it has been for centuries that these mysteries remain to be unresolved. What makes up the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle? It is time for us to explore the unexplained!!

There are a few real hazards in the area of the Bermuda Triangle that contribute to the accidents that occur in the wide swath of sea. More than a few people think the Bermuda triangle is full of UFO activity. In fact, some think that aliens have abducted missing planes and ships.Heck!! Is it a rogue’s paradise?

 Methane Gas Hydrates:

Scientific test has proved that presence of methane hydrates in the continental shelves will cause the ship to sink. If any boat or ship sails through the place where there is a massive generation of methane bubbles, then the boat will sink. The gas hydrates are highly combustible that it even causes the plane flying above it to catch fire. Methane gas hydrates usually exists in deep, high pressure environments in all the oceans of the world. But according to reports, there isn’t large release of methane gas hydrates in the region of Bermuda triangle for the past 15,000 years.

The reality, says that sometimes treacherous Mother Nature, human error, shoddy craftsmanship or design, and just plain bad luck can explain the many disappearances.

Bermuda triangle is a region where most of the heavily ships are sailed through and even it has a very busy flight route for both private & commercial aircraft that heads towards Caribbean, Florida & South America from the northern destinations. The Gulf Stream also passes through this region & is subject to sudden storms. So I think that all of these could also contribute to the Bermuda triangle mystery.

The final acceptable answer is the human error. All over the world, human make mistakes & that results in the loss of millions & billions of bucks worth of stuff. But how come all pilots and captains sailing through this triangle make mistake? It’s again a mystery!

While there are few souls who still believe that electronic fog, extraterrestrial species or some supernatural phenomenon will be cause of this triangle’s mystery. As long as these exist, the mystery remains to be a mystery.

But I conclude that the mystery surrounding the Bermuda Triangle is not much of a mystery at all but has simply been the result of an overemphasis on the accidents which have occurred in the area.