Cell Phones
Cell Phones

Starting from Dyna TAC to the most powerful handsets of Apple, Google, Samsung, Sony, Nokia and so on, it is these gadgets that took the wireless kingdom one step further. We have started to accommodate them in our daily lives that they have become an inevitable thing and they seem to make our lives a bit better.

Staying in touch:

With the help of these gadgets people are able to get connected to each other with a single touch of a button. Little things, such as reminding your dear ones birthday, forgetting your shopping list, finding the nearest coffee shop can now be done with the help of these uber cool gadgets.

They help you to get connected to your dear ones at important time, provided you have sufficient amount of balance to make an outgoing call. They even help you to spread the latest gossips, no matter how far away your friends are.

These little boxes filled with chips, are a form of technology that our grandparents thought that it would be used only by the aliens is now found to sit next to our ears often.

Have you ever wondered how your mobile phone works? Well!! Whether you have or not…you are about to find out. Extremely hytec!

Life in the fast lane:

It’s simple! Cell phones are actually radios. The radios, extremely radios but radios nonetheless. The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham bell in 1876.

Cell phones use electromagnetic waves. To understand the exact working of a cell phone, first let’s compare the walkie-talkie.

The walkie-talkie is a half-duplex device. It uses same frequency for both talking and listening. But cell phones are full-duplex mode. It uses separate frequency for talking and a separate frequency for listening

The area where you live is divided into cells. Each cell has its own base station

This is how Cell Phone works:

When you first power up your phone, it sends signals and those signals are picked up by the base station which sends all the information to your phone. It then listens for the SID (SYSTEM IDENTIFICATION CODE). The SID is a unique five digit number which is assigned to each cell phone carrier. If it does not find any control channels nearby then it knows it is out of range and displays no service message in your phone’s screen.

When you are ready to make a call, you type the number in the handset. After typing the number, we naturally press the green button, when we do so our number and the number you want to contact is sent to the nearest base station. The network computer checks if there is any the base station near your friends with a common frequency. If so, the base station at your friend’s area verifies the SID number and then sends signals to his/her phone.

If that person chooses to take your call, the computer opens up a channel between your phone and your friend’s phone. When you speak your voice is converted into analog electrical signal by a microphone in your handset. This is then turned into digital signal, the digital version signal is then sent using microwaves to the nearest base station. It is then sent through computer to your friend’s nearest station. These microwaves are transmitted to digital and this digital is transmitted to analog electrical signal which is amplified and changed back into sound by the loudspeaker in your friend’s phone and finally you can say “Hello” to your friend.

So when your friend replies, it all happens in the inverse way.

Spending exorbitant amount of time with the cell phones could even threaten the fabric of the society. Too much of anything is good for nothing. Some of us hate them while many rejoice them. Cell phones could be a health time bomb of health problems. So instead of being fanatical about these flashy gadgets, have a limited usage and handle with proper care.

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