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What is Artificial Rain making Technology.??

Artificial rain

 When the weather is hot, only a few would miss an opportunity to get drenched, and if it is a rain dance party in question, there would be nothing better for the party freak youths. Hope you got what I am talking about. It’s the Glorious Rain!! When it falls, the noise is like a song of nightingale. We tend to forget all our worries in its sound and sweet smell of earth. All love rain for one reason or other.

Artificial Rain Technology

But we are not that lucky enough to enjoy such eternal blessing whole year. At times Rain God disappoints us. So how does one tackle drought? Well, one could try to make it rain. That seems to be the general idea behind the cloud-seeding method. It is a method for producing artificial rain.


Often there are clouds, but no rain. This is because of a phenomenon called super cooling. The temperature of the cloud might be close to zero and there might even be crystals of ice in it.

The water vapour in the cloud does not condense to liquid water. The super cooling gets disturbed by the method of cloud seeding.

Cloud-seeding is the attempt to change the precipitation that falls from clouds, by dispersing ‘salt’ or other chemicals into air. Usually used chemicals for the purpose of cloud seeding include dry ice, silver iodide, liquid propane and sodium chloride. Initially, clouds are identified that are apt for seeding with the help of radar. Then, aircraft disperse salts using flares or explosives in the lower portions of clouds .The salts grow in size as water joins with them and this leads to rain.

For clear understanding it can be explained in three stages:


The first stage includes the usage if certain chemicals like calcium oxide, compound of urea and ammonium nitrate or chloride calcium carbide, in order to stimulate air mass of the target area to rise high and to form rain clouds. The chemicals mentioned above are capable of absorbing water vapor present in the air mass and thus helpful in stimulating the condensation process.

 Building up stage:

It is the second stage and in this stage the cloud mass is built up using various chemicals like urea, dry ice, ammonium nitrate, kitchen salt and sometimes even calcium chloride to increase nuclei which further increases the density of clouds.


In the final stage, super cool chemicals such as dry ice and iodide are used which are helpful in building up vast beads of water (nuclei) and makes them to fall on the earth as rain drops.

The rockets that contain rain making chemicals can be directly fired into clouds either form the aircraft or from the ground. Those rain making chemicals are usually shot from a  largely pressurized canister into the base of the clouds which normally hangs above the top of the mountain to cluster up and to rain on the mountain.

So no worries even if our Mother Nature fails to keep up her promise. We have now got our own technique for producing rain.