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Do Parallel Universes exist.??

Parallel Universe
Parallel Universe

Parallel universe! Just fiction or real?  An idea that has taken people to wonders that whether there exists a carbon copy of them elsewhere that is leading a different life. Universes where instead of reading my article, you are asleep or in which you are glad or unhappier or richer or poorer or even dead? This idea was often laughed at, but this doesn’t happen anymore at physics conferences!

Do parallel universes exist? Yes or no? It’s time for us to discuss.

Parallel universe was a radical idea that sparked in 1954 into the mind of Hugh Everett III– a young Princeton University doctoral candidate. His idea was that there exist parallel universes, exactly like our universe.

Quantum Physics at a Glance:

This parallelism idea lies in the famous quantum physics (physics of the very small kind). Physicists when studying the quantum level came to know the fuzzy reality of this tiny world. They have observed that photon behaves both as particle and wave. It tells us clearly that particles existing at this very small level have the capacity of taking different forms arbitrarily. That fuzzy reality came to be known as the famous Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

Little particles like electrons don’t need to be in one particular place, they can be in several places at once. When this kind of situation happens physicists say that the particles are in superposition. Many experiments have shown that superposition is real. Even big molecules as big as bucky balls, can also be in several places at at the same time.

Well! Now I am sure you will immediately ask this obvious question. We all are made up of particles and are we apparently only ever in single place? Is there any other me??

Quantum mechanics itself does not give an answer to this question. The picture is yet to be completed. Perhaps there is another different mechanism in nature, one we don’t yet understand, that forces reality to snap to exactly one of all the superposed states when we make a measurement. This Heisenberg Uncertainty principle was widely accepted one but then Hugh Everett came up with his Many World Theory.

Many World’s Idea:

This theory tells that when a quantum object is measured inorder to see where it is, the world splits into different branches.

For example…when a physicist measures an object, there is a possibility of two outcomes- The object will either be measured as a particle or a wave. So when the measurement is done, the universe splits into two distinct in order to accommodate each of the possible outcomes. So a scientist in one universe measures the object which is in wave form. The same scientist in the other universe measures the object which is in particle form.

But what if only making a measurement causes the universe to split? The answer is no.

A measurement of a particular system in superposition is actually an interaction with that system and there are also other physical processes that can interact with it too.

String Theory:

There is one more theory to go. It’s the String theory. This theory also demonstrates the existence of parallel universe.  Michio kaku-a Japanese- American physicist was the one who gave this theory which says that the essential building blocks of all the matter and even gravity exist on a sub quantum level. Those building blocks resemble strings that contribute to make up the quarks, electrons, atoms, cells and so on. So it is in this way our entire universe is made up of. And as per this string theory, the above said composition takes place across 11 different dimensions.

This theory also tells that the universe is same as of a bubble where similar parallel universes also exists along-side .It also makes a point that there will be flow of gravity between the parallel universes.

When compared to former one(many world’s theory), the latter one (string theory) seems to be a bit settling because latter one was once tested with negative results Hoping for positive results in future.

So Pals…Don’t like your life? Casting around for a new life? The solution is simple… Move to another parallel universe where you will be able to find things better.