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How to bowl a Googly..??

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Googly is one of the cricket’s deadly weapons. Spin is all about outsmarting the batsman and this googly possess that super power and so it takes this name too “the wrong’un”.

One bowl does not a bowler make, so Shane Warne has several. So who wouldn’t love to bowl the Googly like Shane Warne?

How to bowl a Googly?

The word Googly is mostly termed in leg spin.

To bowl a googly, the ball is held in the same way as if for a normal leg break. The gripping is done by placing the ball into the palm with the seam parallel to the palm. Now the top joints of the index and middle fingers lie across the seam .The ball then firmly rest between the bent third finger and thumb.

When the ball is released, wrist is rotated anti clockwise so that the palm of our hand faces upwards, the back of your hand faces the batsman, and the seam points towards fine leg. The wrist and third finger do the work of spinning the ball in anti-clockwise direction.

Spin Bowling Tips

Googlies impart strong spin using wrist action. It’s just the reverse of leg break.

In leg break the ball pitches between middle and leg and leaves the batsman without hitting the wicket, whereas the googly is that which pitches outside the off stump or the line and comes in to the batsman or hits the wicket.

The another  difference is that, at the point of delivery, the palm of the hand faces the batsman when bowling a leg break, but when  Googly is bowled the back of the hand is shown to the batsman, meaning that spin is imparted in the opposite direction.

Googlies are basically difficult to bowl accurately because of the wrist action involved. But it’s dead easy to take wickets more quickly because they’re so difficult for batsmen to play and he needs very sharp eyes to spot the different timing of the release of the ball.

For budding bowlers this Googly seems to be a bit difficult but practice makes perfect. This excitement of discovering that we can bowl a massive turning Googly makes me feel that we can bowl like Shane Warne! What say??

However, there is a problem associated with too much of googly practice.If you over bowl the googly, your bowling action will get “bitten” and you will end up only being able to bowl googlies by losing your leg break. So, do take care to use the “wrong ‘un” as a surprise.

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