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body temperature

Do you know how our Body Temperature remains Stable.??

body temperature
human body temperature

Maintaining body temperature is very complex. Our body can do lots and it is helpful in processing vast amount of information. In short we can call it as a multitasker! It has an amazing power to maintain a constant body temperature despite changes in the external environment. It’s not too hot, not too cold, but just right. What makes or what is responsible for our to maintain a constant temperature?

Read and get to know!

When it comes to o­ur bodies, a lot depends on energy. Nearly 80% of the food we intake goes to maintain our body temperature and is utilized in a process called metabolism. The food we consume are broken down by various chemical reactions that occur in our body’s cells, in order to give us energy and heat. This occurs constantly, even in our sleep.

Heat is the byproduct of these biochemical reactions within our bodies .This heat keeps our body warm.

The organ stabilizing our body temperature:

There’s even another organ of our brain that helps in regulating our body temperature. It’s the hypothalamus. This part of our brain regulates the internal heat in order to keep everything run in a smooth way. This center is located just above the brain stem and it secretes hormones which are helpful in regulating body temperature and it is because of these hormones secreted by the hypothalamus that allows us to feel cold and hot.

In cold, it’s because of the mechanisms of our brain that keeps the core of our body warm, even though our skin is cold. Blood vessels to the fingers and toes constrict, so that the cold air does not cool the blood too much, so that cooled blood does not cool down the heart and brain when it returns. During unbearable situations, our body will sacrifice a toe or a finger to us from dying of cold core temperature (frostbite: it saves our life!). The brain can also order a lot of muscles to contract rapidly. This generates a lot of heat quickly, a response called shivering. That’s why in winter season there is a necessity of scarf, coat etc.

When the core temperature of major organs of our body drops down to 95 degrees or lower, it causes hypothermia. Hypothermia can slow down our body and it can even possibly lead to death if ignored.

A normal, healthy human can be able to maintain a stable body temperature of approximately 98.6F (37°C).It is the correct and perfect balance since because it is warm enough to prevent fungal infection. So that’s how our body is able to maintain a stable temperature.